Stay Clean Swimming With These Handy Tips

Keeping swimming pools clean is highly necessary as it provides swimmers with a good experience and prevents them from acquiring serious health problems. The importance of keeping a swimming pool clean is preached everywhere you turn by individuals ranging from pool experts to health professionals. Hence, the market offers more cleaning equipment and supplies than you’ll ever know what to do with.

However, throughout all of these discussions, we seem to have forgotten something more important: keeping swim-capourselves clean when swimming. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, the process of leaving your home to go to your a public swimming pool can leave you extremely dirty. Sure, you can always shower after swimming. But what if you don’t have the time to soak in a hot tub of water for hours on end in order to get rid of chlorine and all sorts of bacteria acquired from pools?

Well, luckily for you, you can still leave your home after a shower, stay clean swimming, and get back home clean as ever. All you need to do is invest in the following swimming accessories.

Swimming Caps

A must-have for regular swimmers, swimming caps are the most versatile swimming accessories as they can do everything from keeping your hair out of your face to giving you a stylish appearance to keeping your hair relatively dry. However, it should be noted that one important use of swimming caps is to protect your hair from the brunt of pool chemicals such as chlorine.

Chlorine is widely used in swimming pools for its bacteria killing potential. Therefore, whether you swim in your own private pool or a public swimming pool, chlorine is highly likely to be present in the water. Although this chemical keeps pool water clean and safe, it does the complete opposite to your hair. Chlorine can leave hair feeling dirty and greasy, and can cause damage as extreme as turning blond hair green.

Luckily, the effects of chlorine can be kept at bay with the use of swimming caps. So, make sure to wear a proper fitting swimming cap whenever you go swimming. The cap will not only keep your hair clean but will also provide you with the added benefit of preventing your hair from being damaged by chlorine and any other harmful chemicals present in the pool’s water.

Hair Conditioner

Although swimming caps are designed to act as a barrier between the pool water and your hair, a bit of water may still manage to sip through. This is especially if you wear a loosely fitting cap, leave part of your hair hanging out, or wear your cap incorrectly. Hence, the reason why it’s important for you to coat your hair with a generous amount of a nourishing conditioner before you enter the pool. The conditioner will act as a repellant that makes it difficult for the chemically laden pool water to soak into your sealed hair.

Nose Plugs

If you swim in public pools regularly, you’d have probably seen some of your fellow swimmers wearing nose plugs (also known as nose clips.) These are little pieces of latex plugs attached to a bendable, yet sturdy wire that swimmers stick on their noses. Nose plugs work by pinching the nostrils together to keep water from entering. They also help keep your airway from being polluted by the chorine-loaded water, which is known to cause itchy and dry sinuses for some swimmers.

Pool Shoes

Ever wondered why some public swimming pools insist on swimmers wearing pool shoes when walking to andBest Swimming Goggles from the pool? Well, as it turns out, most pool shoes:

  • Are chlorine resistant
  • Enable good foot bed water drainage
  • Are non-slip
  • Do not absorb water
  • Dry quickly

Due to these benefits, pool shoes will keep you safe as you walk around the sides of the pool by minimizing the risk of slipping. And in addition, they keep your feet clean and away from poolside loving bacteria that are known to cause verruca or fungal types of feet infection. So, when looking to stay clean when swimming, pool shoes are a must-have. The shoes come in a variety of options ranging from sandals to flip-flops. You just need to make sure the shoes you select are designed specifically for aquatic activities.

So, there you have it: the 4 simple accessories that will enable you to stay clean swimming at your home or local public pool. All of them are inexpensive accessories and easy to find. Therefore, make sure to carry these accessories with you the next time you go for a swimming session.

In conclusion, keep in mind that the key to staying clean when going for a dip is to not enter into a dirty pool in the first place. You should only swim in pools that are properly chlorinated and monitored, be it at your own home or a public facility. Don’t do something crazy like jump into a sewage drain not matter how clean the water looks!

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