Best Latex Free Swimming Goggles

No matter what your swimming attire preference is – bikinis or one-piece suits – one of the most important accessories you should always have with you at the pool is a pair of swimming goggles. Having one will allow you to see clearly during deep dives. Goggles can also be an amazing accessory to have when you’re pretending to be a shark spying on your prey underwater!

Although there are different kinds of goggles, latex free swimming goggles seem to be increasingly popular with swimmers these days. Pool chemicals are already harsh on the skin, and if your skin and latex don’t get along, wearing latex goggles will cause rashes on the temples, ears, or around the eyes to develop, further irritating your skin.

Many brands that make swimming goggles with latex-free gaskets and straps exist. But if you’re looking for comfort, clear visibility, and other useful features, be sure to take a look at the following 3 recommendations.

Aqua Sphere Seal 2.0 Clear Lens New Swimming Goggle

The Aqua Sphere Seal 2.0 Clear Lens New Swimming Goggles is perfect for rugged outdoor use. Featuring coated lenses, this swimming accessory will continue to work well in foggy conditions. Its anti-scratch lens material also holds up very well to everyday use.

When it comes to optics, Aqua Sphere hasn’t made any compromise. Both lenses provide a panoramic, 180-degree field of view. What’s even better is that the lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.

The 2.0 Clear Lens New Swimming Goggles guarantees comfort and the straps are easy to adjust. All you have to do when wearing or removing it is pull and lock the micro metric lever buckles on the strap. Additionally, the soft silicone mat on the gasket maintains a tight seal to keep your eyes dry.

Aqua Sphere designed this model with a low profile design. While tastes differ from one person to the next, the low profile design is quite stylish, and this can be an added plus for swimmers who consider their gear to be fashion items.

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The Friendly Swede Swim Goggles

If you’re looking for a pair of swimming goggles that’s latex free, comfortable, tight, and ideal for both teens and adults, then the Friendly Swede might be worth a closer look. This black/white swimming accessory comes with a host of features that any swimmer will grow to appreciate.

For instance, the goggles can fit any adult or teenager regardless of face shape or size. Much of this has to do with the interchangeable small, medium, or large nose pieces the goggles comes with. And with its small and round lens frames, the Friendly Swede goggles looks like a miniature version of old-school aviator glasses. As such, owning one will be a great choice if you have a soft spot for vintage items.

Another great aspect about this goggles is that it’s quite compact and comes in a portable carry case, which provides extra protection from the knocks and bumps that pool-life brings. But even without the case, the accessory has been designed to last thanks to its durable frame and scratch-resistant lenses.

The wide angled lenses on the goggles really helps to improve visibility, while the silicone gasket keeps both lens frames watertight to ensure unobscured vision. Additionally, it will be a while before you start using fog spray because this goggles comes with anti-fog coating.

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Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo Swimming Goggles

Aqua Sphere is known for its wide collection of swimming gear and the Kaiman Exo Swimming Goggles is yet another winner from the company. With the patented Softeril gaskets, this model will definitely feel ultra-comfortable on your face. Aqua Sphere has also incorporated their Advanced Fit Technology into the goggles to minimize the occurrence of marks around the eyes. Furthermore, with the EXO-Core bi-material frame, this swimming equipment won’t slip away from your eyes as you’re plunging into the water, playing water polo with your friends, or just taking a few lazy laps across the pool.

Just like the 2.0 Aqua Sphere Clear Lens Goggles, the Kaiman Exo comes with scratch-resistant lenses that support 180-degree viewing. The stylish contoured frames are a great addition to the design, especially for swimmers who like to don classy gear.

Although these three latex free swimming goggles are just a fraction of the many options out there, they offer the best value for money in terms of features and durability. The prices for all three goggles vary and they aren’t too expensive. So, no matter what your budget is, you can be sure to find a model that’s perfect for your needs.

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Stay Clean Swimming With These Handy Tips

Keeping swimming pools clean is highly necessary as it provides swimmers with a good experience and prevents them from acquiring serious health problems. The importance of keeping a swimming pool clean is preached everywhere you turn by individuals ranging from pool experts to health professionals. Hence, the market offers more cleaning equipment and supplies than you’ll ever know what to do with.

However, throughout all of these discussions, we seem to have forgotten something more important: keeping swim-capourselves clean when swimming. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, the process of leaving your home to go to your a public swimming pool can leave you extremely dirty. Sure, you can always shower after swimming. But what if you don’t have the time to soak in a hot tub of water for hours on end in order to get rid of chlorine and all sorts of bacteria acquired from pools?

Well, luckily for you, you can still leave your home after a shower, stay clean swimming, and get back home clean as ever. All you need to do is invest in the following swimming accessories.

Swimming Caps

A must-have for regular swimmers, swimming caps are the most versatile swimming accessories as they can do everything from keeping your hair out of your face to giving you a stylish appearance to keeping your hair relatively dry. However, it should be noted that one important use of swimming caps is to protect your hair from the brunt of pool chemicals such as chlorine.

Chlorine is widely used in swimming pools for its bacteria killing potential. Therefore, whether you swim in your own private pool or a public swimming pool, chlorine is highly likely to be present in the water. Although this chemical keeps pool water clean and safe, it does the complete opposite to your hair. Chlorine can leave hair feeling dirty and greasy, and can cause damage as extreme as turning blond hair green.

Luckily, the effects of chlorine can be kept at bay with the use of swimming caps. So, make sure to wear a proper fitting swimming cap whenever you go swimming. The cap will not only keep your hair clean but will also provide you with the added benefit of preventing your hair from being damaged by chlorine and any other harmful chemicals present in the pool’s water.

Hair Conditioner

Although swimming caps are designed to act as a barrier between the pool water and your hair, a bit of water may still manage to sip through. This is especially if you wear a loosely fitting cap, leave part of your hair hanging out, or wear your cap incorrectly. Hence, the reason why it’s important for you to coat your hair with a generous amount of a nourishing conditioner before you enter the pool. The conditioner will act as a repellant that makes it difficult for the chemically laden pool water to soak into your sealed hair.

Nose Plugs

If you swim in public pools regularly, you’d have probably seen some of your fellow swimmers wearing nose plugs (also known as nose clips.) These are little pieces of latex plugs attached to a bendable, yet sturdy wire that swimmers stick on their noses. Nose plugs work by pinching the nostrils together to keep water from entering. They also help keep your airway from being polluted by the chorine-loaded water, which is known to cause itchy and dry sinuses for some swimmers.

Pool Shoes

Ever wondered why some public swimming pools insist on swimmers wearing pool shoes when walking to andBest Swimming Goggles from the pool? Well, as it turns out, most pool shoes:

  • Are chlorine resistant
  • Enable good foot bed water drainage
  • Are non-slip
  • Do not absorb water
  • Dry quickly

Due to these benefits, pool shoes will keep you safe as you walk around the sides of the pool by minimizing the risk of slipping. And in addition, they keep your feet clean and away from poolside loving bacteria that are known to cause verruca or fungal types of feet infection. So, when looking to stay clean when swimming, pool shoes are a must-have. The shoes come in a variety of options ranging from sandals to flip-flops. You just need to make sure the shoes you select are designed specifically for aquatic activities.

So, there you have it: the 4 simple accessories that will enable you to stay clean swimming at your home or local public pool. All of them are inexpensive accessories and easy to find. Therefore, make sure to carry these accessories with you the next time you go for a swimming session.

In conclusion, keep in mind that the key to staying clean when going for a dip is to not enter into a dirty pool in the first place. You should only swim in pools that are properly chlorinated and monitored, be it at your own home or a public facility. Don’t do something crazy like jump into a sewage drain not matter how clean the water looks!

Best Triathlon Goggles for 2015

Being a great triathlete does not mean you have to deck yourself out in the most expensive gear to help you go faster. On the contrary, all you really require is talent for the sport, effective training, a few pieces of basic equipment, and of course, a good pair of goggles.

Swimming goggles are one of the most important pieces of equipment for a triathlete and should therefore be at the top of the shopping list of any individual looking to start competing in triathlon races. Good goggles provide you with the all-important benefit of protecting your eyes from the chlorine found in swimming pools, and the muck and infection found in the open-water. Aside from that, a good pair of goggles will improve your visibility under water and thus help you to clearly see everything that’s in front of you as well as beside you. And the better your vision, the easier it will be to maneuver through obstacles and keep your swimming in line. Proper maneuvering and swimming in line will help you improve your time, and this will give you a good start in your triathlon race.

The trick to finding a good pair of goggles entails looking for a model that comfortably fits your face, meets your personal preference, and has a good seal. Since triathlon goggles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and modes of assembly, finding the perfect match from the wide selection available can be overwhelming. So, to help make your triathlon goggle shopping process easier, here is a list of 3 of the best goggles. These goggles promise to provide you with an edge over your competition whether you’re competing in a pool based or open water triathlon race.

i-Swim Pro Swimming Goggles

If you’re looking for a pair of triathlon goggles that will provide you with both comfort and quality, the81JDa86pAdL._SL1500_
i-Swim Pro Swimming Googles makes an excellent choice. Designed to provide wearers with optimum comfort, these goggles meet the EU Pro Environmental Standards. They feature watertight soft silicone seals which provide an extra comfortable fit, preventing water from reaching the eyes. There’s also an instant strap adjustment and unique clasp which make strap adjustment easy and quick, and helps prevent the tangling with hair when the goggles are taken off.

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Other great features of the i-Swim Pro Swimming Goggles include the latest anti-fog technology which will provide you with crystal clear vision, and large shatter proof curved lenses with 1800 visibility for increased peripheral vision. These goggles are mirrored with UV protection and will adequately protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles

Ideal for both swimming pools and open water, the Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles come in three 71L8LOZyd7L._SL1500_different sizes: regular, youth, and ladies. These goggles are great for triathlon competitions as they combine a variety of useful attributes that make them long-lasting and easy to adjust. For example, these goggles will not leak or fog up. Best of all, the googles will provide you with a wide field of vision.

The anti-fog, scratch resistant lenses of the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles feature 180-degree visibility, which enables you to enjoy the benefit of all-round visibility whether you’re swimming indoors, outdoors, or in low light. What’s more, these lenses feature a patented curved design that gives you a great look.

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The Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles comes with easily adjustable snap buckles that enable all wearers to achieve the perfect fit and an exo-core (bi-material) frame made of hypoallergenic softeril for added comfort and durability.

Swimming Goggles with Long Lasting Anti Fog Technology

Last on the list of the best triathlon goggles 2015 are swimming goggles with long lasting anti fog 61mBHOlOz2L._SL1500_technology. As the name suggests, the lenses of these swimming goggles feature a superior anti-fog
coating that lasts longer than other brands. Additionally, the lenses protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun with their polarized, reflective, and mirrored lenses. All in all, the lenses of these goggles provide you with protection, ensure that you’ll never have to worry about fogging, and give you a stylish look with their sleek mirror-coated look.

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Ideal for men, women, and youth, these goggles feature a soft and durable silicone head strap that is easy to adjust. Aside from enabling you to achieve a perfect fit that ensures the goggles will not fall off while you are in the water, these adjustable straps also save you time as you can wear the goggles in a matter of seconds.

Swimming Pool Etiquette – The Essentials

Picture a road where everyone blatantly disregard traffic rules and drive as they please – even if this goes on only for several seconds, the damage that will ensue will oftentimes be catastrophic. The same can be said about public swimming pools, only that the damages may occur to a far lesser degree. While failing to observe swimming-pool-etiquettethe various unspoken rules of swimming pool etiquette will seldom result in fatal outcomes, some petty pool fights are bound to occur. Hence, the reason why it’s important to follow these rules is to ensure that everyone has a smooth and pleasant swimming experience.

While it seems that all swimming spots have their own set of etiquette that you as a new comer are supposed to somehow figure out from day one, knowing the various basic informal rules of swimming can help you easily blend in with the regulars at any swimming area. So if you’re looking to start swimming regularly, here are a few simple pool etiquette rules that will help you appear like a well-mannered swimmer even if you have no idea what you’re doing half the time.

Stick to Your Kind

Going out to swim in a packed pool is not the time to lie to yourself about your swimming prowess. Save the lying for when there are not many people around instead. When entering into foreign territory, you should be brutally honest about your swimming speed so that you’ll be able to stick to your own kind. Most pools have designated lanes for fast, slow, and medium swimmers thus allowing you to get into the lane that’s compatible with you swimming speed. If there are no designated lanes, take a minute to observe swimmers in all lanes in order to be able to pick the one that best meets your speed.

Avoid Disturbing Other Swimmers

Generally, swimming is an anti-social sport where people go to train, blow off some steam, or just laze around, while a few others are usually lost in their thoughts breast-stroking back and forth and probably too breathless to engage in conversations. With that in mind, it’s best if you stick to yourself and avoid engaging everyone in conversation or turning into the pool clown who seeks laughter at the expense of other swimmers.

Engage in Circle Swimming or Stick to One Side of the Lane

A swimming pool lane is spacious enough to accommodate two or more swimmers regardless of their sizes. However, this can only be possible with some level of decorum. You should stick to one end of the lane and allow another swimmer to stay in the opposite end if there are only the two of you in the pool. If there are 3 or more swimmers, remember that the ideal way to share a lane is to circle swim through the lane.

Do Not Hover around In the Pool

Unless you’re “Casper the Friendly Ghost” whereby anyone can just swim right through you, it’s really very, very rude to just hover around in the pool doing nothing. If you need to readjust your swimming gear or feel exhausted after taking a few laps around the pool and need to catch your breath, kindly move over to the far depths of the corners of the pool. This way, you’ll get enough time to relax, stretch out cramped muscles, adjust your goggles, and give your fellow swimmers a chance to get on with their swimming.

Overtake Other Swimmers with Tact

While being stuck behind a slower swimmer can be downright annoying, it does not justify rudely passing the swimmer by shoving past him or her. The right way to pass the person in front of you is to lightly tap his or her foot and wait for the swimmer to give way. Alternatively, you can overtake a fellow swimmer by passing on the left — or the right if you reside in the UK or Australia.

Join the Pool without Making a Fuss

The only allowable time to enter the pool with a big, loud splash is when you’re the first person to arrive or during practice under the supervision of a qualified coach. This is because diving in can be irritating, distracting, and even frightening to swimmers who are concentrating on their laps. You should also not jump into a lane or push into oncoming swimmers when entering the pool. It’s much more polite to let every swimmer in the lane you’re interested in sharing know that you want to enter. So sit at the edge of a pool and wait for swimmers in a lane to complete a set before joining in.

Swimming Goggles for Kids

Have you ever tried walking around with your eyes closed? It is very difficult to do without stumbling, losing your balance, or even worse, running in to something. This goes the same for kids when they are swimming.

Kids swimming goggles are important so that they can actually see where they are at and what they are doing while in the water. Your child cannot focus and get a feel for what they are doing if they are constantly worrying about where they are in the

What Kids Need in a Swimming Goggle

Pool water is often irritating to the eyes. Most pools use chlorine, which is very hard on the eyes. Salt water pools are a little easier on the eyes although they tend to cause eye irritation nonetheless. Kids swimming goggles held reduce this eye irritation while maintaining a clear line of vision.

Being able to see in the water is very essential. Kids need swim goggles that fit properly and are also comfortable for them to wear. A proper fit can make or break the happiness of your child when he or she is in the water. To ensure a proper fit for kids swimming goggles, you must:

  • Decide on the type of goggle you want to purchase for your child. Be sure they are child-specific goggles. You can use the ages on the package for a reference, but it is more about the fit than the age category.
  • After you have found a good pair of kids swimming goggles, press them firmly around their eyes without the strap and release. They should stay stuck for several seconds. If they fall off immediately upon release, they are not the right shape for your child’s eyes.
  • Make sure your child’s eyelashes do not hit the lenses of the swimming goggles. This can be very bothersome and cause them to pay more attention to blinking than focusing on the water.
  • Adjust the head straps to ensure a comfortable fit. They should be tight enough to stay on while swimming but not so tight that there are indents around the eyes or occurring headaches.

Modern day swim goggles are low-profile, light, and offer safeguards that protect against water seepage. There are also a wide variety of colors and designs to match your child’s personality.

In addition to style, it is important to ask children the right questions when looking for a great pair of kids swimming goggles. A perfect fit is essential for safety and focus in the water.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles are an important part of swimming because they protect your eyes from water. The water in a pool may not be as clear and clean as it seems. Water can often carry bacteria that can infect your eyes.

Wearing swimming goggles also offers protection against ocean saltwater and fresh water that is chlorinated. Although exposing your eyes to saltwater or chlorine isn’t going to cause any permanent damage, it is still irritating and painful nonetheless. A prolonged burning sensation can cause consistent watering and extreme redness to the eyes.

There are a wide variety of goggles to choose from. If you wear glasses or corrective lenses, you should considered purchasing a pair of prescription swimming goggles.prescrip

Benefits of Prescription Goggles

Swimming goggles can keep your eyes safe while you swim and sharpen your underwater vision at the same time. If you typically wear eye glasses or corrective contact lenses, prescription swimming goggles are the way to go. They will help you avoid possible hazards and increase your underwater enjoyment.

It is important to realize that light behaves much differently in the water than in the air. Water acts as a magnifier and distorts what you see by allowing objects to appear closer and larger than they actually are. Prescription swim goggles provide a pocket of air in front of you that allows light to travel to your eyes in a more focused fashion. The right prescription will allow you to have the same clear vision that your regular glasses provide outside of the water.

It is common for your prescription swimming glasses to be a different prescription than your regular glasses. This is primarily due to the normal position of your regular lenses and how close or far your prescription swimming goggles are from your eyes.

There are several companies that also make pre-made prescription swimming goggles that offer the same power in both eyes. These goggles will protect your eyes from water while allowing adequate vision.

Wrapping it Up

Gone are the days where swimmers are forced to struggle with their eyesight while in the water due to the lack of proper underwater eyewear. Prescription swimming goggles are the perfect solution to this problem. Swimmers can choose goggles with lenses that are made specifically for their vision needs.

For eye protection and improved clarity, look in to a pair of prescription swimming goggles and stop straining your eyes while trying to enjoy the water.